How to Choose Orchid Bouquets For a Friend

If you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful orchid plant that you could walk on, then you already know how special it is to receive orchids bouquet. This may be the first gift that you get for your beloved one, but if you are not so lucky, then the thought of getting a beautiful bouquet made especially for you is just simply amazing. Fortunately, making your own bouquet is not all that hard. As long as you have some orchids plants at home, you will be able to make a lovely and thoughtful gift without spending much money.

Perhaps, your best friend has three orchids in her yard. You know that she loves them so much that she would do anything just to have more. You decided that you should send orchids flower presents to her, but the problem is, how? What if you do not even know her personally? In that case, sending orchids online is the best option that you have.

Yes, there are thousands of websites these days that are dedicated to selling orchids flowers. You can choose from the many types of orchids that are available for purchase. If your friend loves the purple snapdragon, you can choose one of the different varieties of this. If she loves the trumpet shaped orchids, you can choose among the different colors of these as well.

However, before you start shopping for orchids bouquet, it would be better if you know what kind of orchids that your friend loves the most. Once you have this information at hand, then you can easily find the best bouquet for your dear one. Once you have chosen the perfect bouquet for her, then you can send orchids flowers that will be greatly appreciated by your friend. Now, before you send orchids to your friend, you should know a few tips on how you can go about this. Here are some of these tips:

The first thing that you should remember when sending orchids flowers to your friend is to be creative. Orchids are great flowers to send because of the beauty and uniqueness that they possess. However, there are many ways on how you can customize your orchids bouquet. For example, you can add a ribbon to your bouquet and wrap it around a vase of orchids. This will definitely make your bouquet look beautiful. In addition, if you are planning to send live orchids, then instead of wrapping the bouquet, you can tie a ribbon around its base so your friend will be able to admire it even when she will be far away from you.

The next thing that you should remember when planning to send orchids bouquet is that you need to send them in time. Most people think that orchids are very delicate plants to be sent but the truth is, they are not. When you have a live orchid in your hands, you have the responsibility to care for it properly. You need to feed it with the proper amount of food every day, you need to give it enough space and you also need to keep it away from extreme temperatures.

Lastly, do not forget to put a bit of floral perfume to your orchids because women always love a good scent. If you want to send orchids to a woman who has a fragrance, then all you need to do is to buy orchids that have a similar scent with hers. Just do not overdo it because a woman will feel offended if you do so. Once you have already gathered all the information that you need, then you can now prepare your orchid bouquet. Just make sure that you will be sending it on time so your friend will appreciate it.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect gift for someone who loves orchids, you do not need to worry anymore. Just remember that orchids are delicate plants and they will surely take a lot of care from you. All you need to do is to buy the proper amount and avoid over feeding it. As for the fragrance, it would be nice if you will stick to scented oils. With these simple tips, sending orchids bouquets is easy.

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